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Superyacht Seasons

Superyacht seasons are like the ebb and flow of the ocean and they follow the same pattern, year in year out. Superyachts travel to many exotic and exclusive destinations around the world but the main two areas are the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Depending on the time of year you choose to look for your dream job on a yachts will ultimately decide where to base yourself. Timing is everything, so be sure you know where you are going and when the best time to travel to your chosen continent.

The Mediterranean Season – Europe

The Mediterranean Superyacht Season is usually referred to as the ‘Med’ season, which is in the European summer and the months leading up to it and after. The yachting season begins around May or June and ends around September or October.  Some yachts begging to hire crew for the season as early as March or April. This allows time for training for new crew members and will give them time to settle into their new working lifestyle at sea and to see how they fit in with the existing crew.

There are Superyachts and marinas all over the coast of Italy, France and Spain, but to make the most of your resources the best places to base yourself in the ‘Med’ to find work is in Antibes in the South of France or Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Both of these locations are the ‘hub’ cities for Superyachts and they contain most of the crew agents you will need to visit to get your foot in the door.


Antibes is the main Superyacht hub in France, where most of the Crew Agents for Europe are located. Its a beautiful and historic port, rich with culture, located between Monaco, where the Formula One Grand Prix occurs, and Cannes, which hosts the International Film Fesitval.
Palma de Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca is the main city and seaport located on the island of Majorca. It is the Superyacht hub for Spain and the Spanish Islands. Other nearby islands include Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera.

The Caribbean Season – USA

The winter Superyacht seasons in yachting take place in the Caribbean but due to the warmer weather there, potential and existing crew may be able to find work all year round. The season begins around September or October and typically ends March or April. Many yachts move north to places like Newport, Rhode Island for the summer (May – September), so if you are not keen on going to Europe after the season you will be sure to find work here. Most of the crew agents for this part of the world are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is close to Miami.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a large city located in the US state of Florida. It is sometimes known as the “Venice of America”, because of its expansive and intricate canal system. The city is the major Superyacht centre for the USA, with over 100 marinas and boatyards.
Miami is a multi cultural city and it has a very large Cuban and Latin American population. Here you will find many cultures blended together in an exciting melting pot. This is a must see destination for any Superyacht crew member.
Caribbean Islands
The Caribbean Sea is without question a Superyacht Shrangri-La. Stretching more than 2,500 miles from east to west this azure blue stretch of ocean features more than 7000 islands, reefs, islets, cays and 500 years of history.

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