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Your dream of owning a luxury yacht – NOW is reality!

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Can’t afford a $2-million yacht? Sharing ownership gets you access to the boat of your dreams for a price that’s INSANELY LOW!


Imagine embarking on your own private yacht—complete with on board hot tub, captain and chef—to spend a week in the Caribbean with friends. Together, you spend your days drinking in the gorgeous coastlines making frequent stops to fish for barracuda and snorkel in coral reefs full of cobalt blue chromis, bright yellow goatfish, even sea turtles. After two sun-drenched weeks, you debark in West Palm Beach and head back to your regular landlubber life—until six months later, when you meet the same boat again for another adventure. Your personal belongings are waiting for you on board and the same smiling crew waves hello.

Fractional yacht ownership provides access to some of the world’s most luxurious vessels at a fraction of the purchase price, and without the hassle of ongoing maintenance. With fractional ownership, you can sail your boat a few weeks a year then forget about it while your co-owners enjoy it or while the management company is busy doing the upkeep. It’s a great alternative to a vacation property for ocean-lovers who want to dedicate a chunk of time each year to exploring the waters.

Also keep in mind that while you don’t have to personally take care of the maintenance repairs, docking fees, insurance and staffing costs, you will have to pay for those services: it will likely cost you between $30,000 and $40,000 a year, or between 10% and 15% of the purchase price. And there’s also the cost of food, drink, fuel and airfare from your home city to the ship’s harbour.

Isn’t this your dream come true?

Well it’s there right in front of you

We are taking orders for 2017 come and join the team of luxurious life for a fraction of a cost!


The Best Fractional Ownership Model

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Saveene is a fractional yacht agent

 We sell fractions of the yacht (weekly use) from 2% to 90%

 We offer full turn key and management

 From 6 month consifgnments. You maintain full rights and ownership until you are fully paid up!

 All fractional sales and monies paid in escrow and held until
closing day

Boating Trends 2016

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Attempting to pick out the marine trends for the year ahead is always a great opportunity for seasoned journalists to make tits of themselves. So this year, we’re playing it relatively safe. We’re steering clear of predicting the lifting of speed bans, the return of cheap diesel, the advent of Approved Used boat schemes and the building of British boats in Britain. We’re not even thinking about the eradication of corduroy, the outlawing of deck shoes or the mandatory use of kill cords. Instead, we’re building our predictions upon a sturdy bedrock of precedent.

The 80ft aluminium superboat proposed by adventurer Alan Priddy to break the round-the-world powerboating record starting November 2016. For more, see: Circumnavigation: the latest world record attempts.

More private ownership

There was a time when shared ownership schemes were all the rage. They allowed you to dip your toe into powerboating without committing too much faith or money. But with better economic conditions, cheaper fuel and plenty of fuss-free dry stack services, the time has come to stop dabbling. In 2016, we will buy powerboats outright and use them for 200 hours a season instead of just 20.

Alternative materials

Eventually, we (and the rest of the world) will copy the Scandinavians. That means building small boats from sensible materials like aluminium and roto-moulded plastic instead of shiny, high-maintenance fibreglass (see Finnmaster Husky range hits the water). We can then smack our boats off gnarly groynes and drag them up shale-strewn beaches without behaving as though it’s sacrilege.

‘Low-impact’ superyachts

Driven by vanity and enabled by technological advancements, the race for the world’s largest megayacht will continue apace. And ironically, it will be joined by a self-defeating belief that greener processes and more fuel-efficient operation are making superyachts ever more friendly to seals and puppies and fish and trees. Ignore the lie and enjoy the spectacularly ambitious hardware. Read: Superyachts flash their green credentials.

The Interboat Neo 7 – like marmite, you either love or hate the pontoon boat look, but have you ever driven one? Thought not…

Fat-bowed practicality

Though I’ve predicted it before, I confidently (re) predict that this year will see deck boats and pontoon-style platforms win a foothold in Britain. Having witnessed several new beam-forward designs emerge to great critical acclaim, the time is now ripe for British buyers to recognise that there is better value in a blunt-headed plodder than in a rapier speed machine. See Interboat Neo 7.0 review: buy a better boat.

Amphibians – yes. The Ford Focus “Floater F1” – not so much!

Car-style boats

I confidently predict that in 2016, lots of boat designers will attempt to piggyback the appeal of the mainstream automotive world with a spate of car-style boat designs. They will be good to look at but they will never make the transition from the draftsman’s board to the water because now, as ever, the overlap between cars and boats is conceptual rather than genuine.

Orsos Island: In a shrinking world a private island seems to be a universal ambition.

Private islands

In a busy and finite world, a manmade island is fast becoming the ultimate maritime solution – and from respectable designs like Wally Island to otherworldly objects like Orsos, Kokomo and Project Utopia, they come in plenty of shapes and sizes. Expect more of the same in 2016 as we all dream of abandoning the land for the freedom and self-reliance of our very own sovereign states. Read Floating islands: a new way of life afloat.

The Sea Ray 19 SPX remains one of the best examples of its type.

Entry-level resurgence

When Bayliner invests in the bottom end with boats like the Element (and Sea Ray joins in the fun with a fresh and accessible bow rider range), you know that entry-level budgets are once again a driving force. Expect a flurry of new sub 20-footers, all aiming to win fans by getting as close to the magic ‘Grand a Foot’ mark as possible.

The Beauty Of Boating

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Imagine a gentle breeze, the smell of the ocean all around you, immersing you in the moment as you stand at the helm of your boat. You have a few friends laughing and carrying on conversations as the sun is setting. As the sun falls down into the water and the stars start to become visible, the conversations slowly stop and everyone is in awe of the decorated sky above them and calmed by the swaying of the boat against the waves. You are all at once in a rhythm that is in tune with nature. No one speaks a word, but the message is deafeningly loud: this is perfect, this is carefree, this is boating.
Weather you are an avid fisherman, a weekend-warrior, or just a boat enthusiast, boating can provide anyone a way to escape the everyday monotony of life on land. Being in a boat out on the open water brings a sense of peace and unique oneness with nature. Taking in a beautiful sunset on a calm night with the soundtrack of the gentle waves lapping against your hull will bring tranquility and serenity to any busy life. Alternately, watching the sun rise up above the horizon over the vastness of the ocean while listening to the sounds of the birds beginning their daily rituals can give you a great feeling of comfort and fulfillment in a number of ways. Taking the time to enjoy some of the simple things in life with friends and family will bring everyone closer in a casual atmosphere.
Re-connecting with nature can be very rewarding, and boating is a very real way to accomplish that. Having a center console boat satisfies many different wants and needs in an efficient manner. If you are a water sports enthusiast and love to be out with your friends and family doing activities such as tubing, skiing, and wakeboarding, a center console boat is a great fit for you! The beauty of these multi-functional vessels their ability to satisfy the demands of almost anyone from all walks of life. You have a deck for fishing and lounging, plenty of space for storage, and the durability to handle the open water, which make these boats extremely versatile. There are countless styles to choose from various different manufacturers, and all with a diverse array of features and options to add or remove. Personalizing your boat will allow you to give it your own finishing touch, and this can be a very rewarding process as well as something you can take great pride in when you care for and maintain your boat.
Immersing yourself in the boating lifestyle doesn’t have to be expensive either. With so many different styles and price points to choose from, there truly is a boat for everyone! Different boats will connect you to nature in different ways.
Owning a smaller boat will allow you to get into more intimate places and offer you a better opportunity to experience some of the less traveled and lesser-known hideaways. Being able to choose your own path without a predetermined plan or anyone telling you where you need to be can give you a sense of being the master of your own destiny. Leisure time spent on your boat with people you care about can also provide a deep sense of pride while bringing you more satisfaction than any other activity can.
You can choose wether to own a whole or a fraction of a boat with Saveene.
Make your choice and start enjoying. THE SEASON IS ON SAVEENE.COM


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The benefits of fractional ownership are so compelling that many people who could easily afford their own place are opting for fraction ownership instead. Perhaps even more surprising, many people who already own a vacation home are choosing to sell some fractional interests in it in order to lighten their cost and management load and still use the property as often as they ever did.

Today’s fractional ownership arrangements are often organized by the users themselves. More frequently, they are set up by a property owner or developer who outfits the property, creates the legal structure and documents, then offers the fractional interests for sale. Contrary to what you might think, groups of complete strangers who come together through these packaged offerings are generally more successful at managing the shared property than groups of friends or family members. The key is good advice, careful planning, and a comprehensive legal agreement.

In our case, Saveene is playing the role of the development company – management of our properties and yachts


Under the Saveene Program, Fractional ownership is perfect for yacht owners who want the yachting experience with no hassles and no waste of their hard earned capital. We have owners in the Saveene Program who own 10% of a yacht through to 70%. Many purchase 10% of a yacht for their personal use and another 10% for business use including entertaining, corporate retreats, chartering, and hosting clients. Virtually all of our owners could afford to purchase the entire yacht outright, but do not want the waste that comes with letting a major asset sit idle in port and the hassle of management. The most common misconception about fractional ownership is that it is a timeshare by another name. This is a mistake. With timeshare arrangements, you do not own a share in a property, merely the right to use that property for a set period of time. When your time runs out, you are left with nothing. With fractional ownership, you own the asset and receive a deeded title reflecting your ownership. If you desire, you can transfer or sell your asset whenever you want.

Check out all options at

Azimut 72 – The Ocean Queen is a MUST

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Azimut 72S

The Azimut 72S was designed for successful businessmen and entrepreneurs who are drawn to the sea and want an elegant water-born entertainment venue. She is not for everyone, even everyone who can afford her $5 million price tag. But for those who can afford her, and are looking for something in a motoryacht as au currant as the sports cars in their 5-car garage, then Azimut 72S could fill the bill.

Key Features

  • Huge main deck for entertaining
  • Italian styling
  • Large hull-side windows
  • Unique Control System (UCS)
  • Sun roof over dining area
  • “Tail fins”
  • Aftermarket services
  • Largest dealer network

The Azimut 72S has all of the things that have made this brand the world’s gold standard in a chic, sophisticated entertaining-oriented motoryacht. Puerto Cervo, anyone?

The Mission of the Azimut 72S

The Azimut 72S is designed to compliment the man or woman who buys her by being as tasteful, elegant, and as chic as they are. Her intended use is for high-style entertaining of all sorts in the lap of understated luxury — nothing ostentatious, just cool and as modern as Milan’s fashion runways. And she is intended to go fast.

Think of her as a large floating penthouse apartment with several terraces for viewing the azure-blue sea, a waterside deck for enjoying the sun, a luncheon venue under a shady trellis, a large, airy salon for cocktails and conversation at sun down, a dedicated, raised platform for formal dinner parties, and bed chambers that are comfortable and sexy. That’s the Azimut 72S.

Azimut 72S

Bird’s eye view of the flying bridge of the Azimut 72S.

Azimut 72S

That’s entertainment! Vitally all of the space on the main deck is devoted to entertainment of one kind or another. How about a board meeting aboard?

Azimut 72S

The accommodations deck plan. Note the round “beam-me-up-Scotty” shower stalls in the guest heads. They save space. Two crew can sleep aft in the crew quarters. The engine room is compact thereby creating more living space.

Dubai International Boat Show

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With 23 years of maritime history, the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) is MENA’s number one marine luxury, leisure and lifestyle industry event, offering market exposure to the largest and most influential gathering in the MENA marine industry.



Dubai International Boat Show 2015 saw more than 26,000 visitors from over 120 countries experience elite super yachts, leisure crafts, interactive activities and exotic supercars, as well as luxury & equipment supplies and services.

The most anticipated event in the Middle Eastern maritime calendar, it had over 850 leading international, regional and local exhibitors from over 50 countries, making it an unparalleled platform for exhibitors to showcase boats and products to the Middle East’s and International marine investors and enthusiasts.

Try it with Saveene!

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Thumbnail for Costa del Sol - Málaga

160km-long coastline, world-class marinas and mild temperatures all year round make the Costa del Sol an ideal destination for water sports lovers. Explore the rich biodiversity of the sea, enjoy a pleasant boat ride, go sailing or surfing… Experience what the sea can give you in our destination. If you like doings water sports, the Costa del Sol is the right place for you.

Saveene offers inexpensive way to own a piece of a paradise in two ways:

* own a fraction of a wonderful ocean view villa, or

* own a fraction of a 59 foot yacht

Unique program with astonishing management service.

Visit us at and ask for all details about how you can be a part of a team




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Labor Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labor Day has its origins in the labor union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest. For many countries, Labor Day is synonymous with, or linked with, International Workers’ Day, which occurs on 1 May.

Labor Day Quotes And Sayings