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Charter and fractional ownership offer the yachting lifestyle at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

Why is your option the best?

Saveene Group has engineered a unique and inexpensive way to own a piece of paradise and your own luxury yacht for a fraction of what you may think this lap of luxury costs. Unlike our competitors our contracts are perpetual. We use brand new or fairly new yachts and replace them every few years with our CAP program! You can use the yacht for few years, and then resell your fractional week as our contracts are continual and investment grade.

Fractional Ownership is not as new as one may assume. The concept was actually introduced years ago for corporate jets. Fractional ownership then moved its way into luxury yachts, vacation properties, expensive automobiles, recreational vehicles and other tamable assets. We are very excited to be on the leading edge of an amazing and proven concept that is here to stay! We are the pioneers and engineers of our perpetual patent pending Club Adjustable Fractional Ownership (CAP).

Fractional yacht ownership allows owners to get all of the pleasures of chartering, plus all of the benefits of sole ownership at a fraction of the cost.

In yacht chartering, such as renting, you are paying for/off someone else’s asset; with fractional yacht ownership you are paying for/off your own asset. I

t’s ownership vs. renting in a nut shell.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of charter? What are the drawbacks?

With charter, there are hundreds of yachts to choose from. If there is a drawback, it could be that when a charter guest becomes attached to a specific yacht and its crew because of the great service they provide, that he/she may be disappointed if the boat sells and the crew changes. A great charter also takes a bit of pre-planning and diligent work with a charter agent before the trip to ensure that their vacation exceeds their expectations.

What are the biggest advantages of fractional ownership? What are the drawbacks?

The biggest advantage of fractional ownership is that you own the yacht of your choice for a fraction of the cost with absolutely no headaches and hassles of management responsibility and receive the residual upon the resale. The only drawback we have encountered thus far in the program is our owners don’t want to leave their yacht when their scheduled time is up.

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