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Saveene Fractional Yacht Ownership – Unique Experience!

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While you enjoy your precious leisure time, Saveene takes the hassle out of yachting by handling all aspects of professional yacht management for you. We provide an affordable yacht combined with great service, keep all the yachts in top condition throughout the year, and arrange maintenance, mooring … To transform your yachting trips into memorable experiences, Saveene offers a unique fractional yacht ownership package.
We are one and only who offers perpetual contracts to our clients, and Sinking Fund and CAP.
come and visit us at and learn more how we can make your vacation unforgettable

Your dream of owning a luxury yacht – NOW is reality!

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Can’t afford a $2-million yacht? Sharing ownership gets you access to the boat of your dreams for a price that’s INSANELY LOW!


Imagine embarking on your own private yacht—complete with on board hot tub, captain and chef—to spend a week in the Caribbean with friends. Together, you spend your days drinking in the gorgeous coastlines making frequent stops to fish for barracuda and snorkel in coral reefs full of cobalt blue chromis, bright yellow goatfish, even sea turtles. After two sun-drenched weeks, you debark in West Palm Beach and head back to your regular landlubber life—until six months later, when you meet the same boat again for another adventure. Your personal belongings are waiting for you on board and the same smiling crew waves hello.

Fractional yacht ownership provides access to some of the world’s most luxurious vessels at a fraction of the purchase price, and without the hassle of ongoing maintenance. With fractional ownership, you can sail your boat a few weeks a year then forget about it while your co-owners enjoy it or while the management company is busy doing the upkeep. It’s a great alternative to a vacation property for ocean-lovers who want to dedicate a chunk of time each year to exploring the waters.

Also keep in mind that while you don’t have to personally take care of the maintenance repairs, docking fees, insurance and staffing costs, you will have to pay for those services: it will likely cost you between $30,000 and $40,000 a year, or between 10% and 15% of the purchase price. And there’s also the cost of food, drink, fuel and airfare from your home city to the ship’s harbour.

Isn’t this your dream come true?

Well it’s there right in front of you

We are taking orders for 2017 come and join the team of luxurious life for a fraction of a cost!