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Booming Fractional Ownership Industry

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With tourism booming and competition increasing, fractional ownership is an investment not only in your family’s hassle-free leisure for years to come; it is also one that will continue to grow in monetary value until it is no longer required.

Owning versus Fractional…

Owning a Yacht is awesome. It’s your floating Water front paradise, your home away from home. You must be proud to have done something right along the way in your life to afford such a vessel (we are still waiting for the invite?!), congratulations. OK for those, like us, who didn’t travel quite down that same path but have the desire to be a Yacht Owner then fractional ownership can make it happen. Beside statistics prove that we only use the Yacht 3-weeks out of the year, so why so much fiberglass for 21-days? Imagine cruising on a $2 million dollar Yacht for less than $100.000.

Since 2006 Saveene Group has offered a unique and inexpensive way to own a piece of paradise and or your own luxury yacht or a luxury villa. Fractional Ownership is not as new as one may assume. The concept was actually introduced years ago for corporate jets.

Fractional ownership then moved its way into luxury yachts, vacation properties, expensive automobiles, recreational vehicles and other tamable assets. We are very excited to be on the leading edge of an amazing and proven concept that is here to stay!!.

We are the pioneers and engineers of our patent pending Club Adjustable Fractional Ownership (CAP).

Why choose fractional yacht ownership? In a word – leverage

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You work hard for your money. Today, with minimal investment returns and shrinking markets, your money needs to work even harder to provide you and your family with the well-earned relaxation you deserve. That’s where the leveraging power of a syndicate comes into its own.

Bigger yacht and more luxury for the money
Take seven people who can each afford a million and a half Euros for an 17 metre motor yacht. Each of their boats will probably be left in a marina most of the time – maybe as much as 50 weeks a year. But for the same total capital (joined together), the seven can buy a super-yacht.


The 17m yacht will have berths for maybe 6 people and perhaps a couple more sleeping in the salon. The super yacht has six spacious double staterooms with ensuite bathrooms, for 12 guests plus additional accommodation for six crew. Public spaces are large and various, allowing owners and their guests all the space they need.

Enjoy your time onboard and leave the work to someone else
Walk on – enjoy – walk off. Then forget about it until your next trip. You don’t need the hassle!

With fractional ownership, professional yacht management takes care of all the nitty gritty details from finding moorings to maintenance, insurance, crew and transatlantic positioning . No more cleaning down at the end of a trip. No provisioning, cooking or dirty laundry to deal with.

5 star service
Fractional yachts come with full time crew to take care of your safety and comfort and maintain the boat, including a captain, chef, stewardess/s, deckhand and depending on the size of yacht -engineer and mate/s.

Match usage time to ownership share
In a syndicate of 7, each owner will have about 5 weeks cruising a year available – as much as most will be likely to want. But if you actually want to spend significantly more time afloat, a second or third share will provide it.

Enjoy year-round cruising in different parts of the world
A syndicate’s leverage means that your time cruising can be spread over the whole year, with a Caribbean winter as well as a Mediterranean summer. So you don’t have to concentrate on squeezing everything into one high season. With twice as many guest berths being looked after by a fulltime crew, cruising more often becomes a really attractive option.

Compare with chartering
If you regularly charter yachts you may find that fractional ownership is cheaper and provides more personalised services. Curvelle has calculated that if you charter an equivalent yacht for more than 11 days per year it is cheaper to buy a share in their yacht. Plus they will store your personal belongings and have them onboard when you arrive, making the yacht truly yours while you are onboard. As an owner your crew will already know your preferences making your stay onboard even more special.

The Beauty Of Simplicity Of Fractional Yacht Ownership

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Get twice the Yacht at a Fraction of the cost…

We see Fractional Ownership all the time when talking about real estate, ‘own a piece of paradise at a Beach front home somewhere in Caribbean!’. This sounds appealing but there are advantages to the Fractional Boating or Yacht Sharing that will make you think twice before cutting the check and making that commitment on that stationary piece of real estate. wants to shed some light on the fractional ‘boom’ in the marine industry that many still do not fully understand and why this is the way to go!

Why Fractional…

Owning a portion of a Yacht, because of there size and price tag, makes it easier to get into then outright ownership. Regular Boats are generally more affordable so fractional programs are rarely practiced. So now you understand that in order to get yourself into a Mega-Yachts (or just a Yacht is good enough) buying a piece is a lot less expensive then buying the whole thing! It’s a fact that a Boat or Yacht Owner uses their vessel on an average of only 3-weeks out of the year! So do you really need that Yacht sitting at the dock for the other 49-weeks collecting barnacles? Get the benefits of outright ownership, but at only about the 1/12 of the cost.


Owning versus Fractional…
Owning a Yacht is awesome. It’s your floating Water front paradise, your home away from home. You must be proud to have done something right along the way in your life to afford such a vessel (we are still waiting for the invite?!), congratulations. OK for those, like us, who didn’t travel quite down that same path but have the desire to be a Yacht Owner then fractional ownership can make it happen.

Timeshare Real Estate versus Fractional Yacht…
comparing these two sounds strange right?! Not really if you think about it why limit yourself to just one location when you can see the other 70% of Planet Earth! Timeshare has limited number of preferred weeks whereas the mobility of a Yacht allows all fractional owners to enjoy optimal weeks aboard. From Maine and Cape Cod in the summer, to the Bahamas and the Caribbean in the winter, owners never have to settle for an off-season week. They can usually choose a few weeks a year, in three different locations.

The bottom line is …
Fractional Ownership is becoming popular due to two simple facts: One – you only need a fraction of the capital to own the yacht and two – the running costs are shared between the group.

Saveene Fractional Yacht Ownership Advantages

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Saveene Advantages – Uniqueness:


• Saveene has pioneered and engineered a financial solution called the Club Adjustable Program (CAP). The program allows:

a) Affordable yacht entry point and ownership

b) Perpetual “Evergreen” restoration and renewal so that your asset is always highly maintained and looked after. Saveene contracts are 99 years not 10! (YES 99) This is a true asset !

c) Rental – Charter Pool – Allows you to charter your week(s) out and earn a return on your investment.

e) “Cap’s” expense’s for you.

f) Sinking Fund – Saveene maintains a “sinking fund” that allows a new yacht upgrade every 10 years with 0 yes ZERO additional costs to you!!

• With only 35% down payment finance up to 60 months is possible! (Subject to approval)

• Saveene acts as your agent in resale with low commissions starting at 5%

We are here to make your dreams come true through fractional ownership business concept.

Have your OWN Piece of Paradise

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dream big

Fractional Luxury Villas lakehouse, rain forest, retreats, sea side beachfront homes or luxury yachts?

Are these things that till this moment you could only dream about?

Well now Saveene has realistic proposal for all paradise dreamers – low cost fractional ownership program, hassle free, perpetual, and one and only sinking fund.

We guaranty that our CAP program is 100% unique, without competition.

Check out all benefits that comes with our program at

If your are new in this as a first introduce with a term fractional ownership:


Fractional ownership is a business concept that has been around for a long time. It is a method of ownership where several people can own a share in an expensive asset, such as a yacht. Investors choose a fractional approach to investment when they do not want to spend the amount of money required to own the entire asset and they do not want all of the risk or hassle that accompanies ownership of the entire asset. Saveene has pioneered the use of fractional ownership applied to a specific class of asset, the luxury yacht.

Yes a luxury, affordable yacht. For the European market our yachts are less than 60 feet in length. They are within the financial reach of an ordinary consumer and an ordinary type vacationer.

Fractional ownership splits the cost of purchasing the asset and managing the asset across a set of owners. Because an independent professional handles management, the fractional owners are free to enjoy themselves and be removed from the management responsibilities. Each owner is free to use his/her share of the asset according to the terms of the purchase. Saveene applied the fractional ownership concept to luxury yachts because most yacht owners only use their yacht several weeks a year and the costs to acquire and maintain a yacht are immense.