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Fractional Ownership Vacation Home – A Smart Investment

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What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership vacation homes are something that has been around for years but has

just now hit the investment real estate market (i.e. vacation homes, townhouses, condos,

etc). For years business men and women have been using the fractional ownership technique

to purchase everything from private jets to expensive jewelry.

Fractional ownership broken down basically means that you and a group of people (often

times friends and family) pool your resources together to purchase an otherwise expensive

product. This tactic makes investments have a lower risk and to most of us this is a better

aspect in investing.

Fractional ownership works very well for the family that wants a nice vacation home to call

their own. Although, is geared toward the individual that does not want to spend $400,000 on

a place they will only use a few weeks out of the year. If you are only planning on using the

vacation home one month out of the year, do you really want to pay the mortgage and upkeep

costs the other 11 months of the year? This investment strategy is a wonderful choice for

those cash conscientious investors.


Equal Fractions

This product is then split up evenly among the investors where each investor owns an equal

fraction of the investment. With vacation homes this means that each investor has either one

or two months to use the vacation home (the number of months depend on the number of the

investors). In this method of investment the common policy is the more the merrier.

Although, each investor owns just as much as you do.


Easier financing

Banks and lenders consider fractional ownership homes to be similar to a second home, so it is

usually easier to finance a fractional over a timeshare. Also, the rates are often lower on a

fractional ownership. With this said not just anyone can get fractional ownership, this proves

its distinction from the dreaded timeshares.


An actual investment

Fractional ownership is an actual investment. Timeshares, on the other hand, are like

Cadillac’s. These investments tend to plummet in price as soon as you sign the paper. If you

go on EBay right now you will see hundreds of people trying to sell their timeshares. The price

is a tiny fraction of what they paid for it just a few months prior. With fractional ownership the

property value increases and so does your investment. This is especially seen if you invest in

preconstruction fractional ownerships. Out of hese investments  you get the large payoff.

Normal fractional ownerships have little to no risk associated with them. This is just an idea to make more money off this opportunity.

On average a family uses its vacation or second home less than 21 days a year. This is why

fractional ownership has started, it was created because their truly is a market for it.

Fractional ownership opens a door for the thousands of investors that want a luxury vacation

homes but do not want to pay hundreds of thousands for it. These properties are in greater

demand than typical real estate investments. With this said, if you are interested in any

fractional ownership opportunities you should start looking now!!!


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Xtabentun-Mayan-drink mayanchocolateUUgg

One of the most beautiful seas for amazing vacation for sure is Caribbean!!! Our choice for best vacation with the best service, food, fun and historical monuments is definitely Cancun.

As we mentioned, fractional ownership or timeshare are best decisions not to spent to much money but to enjoy full luxury service on this amazing place!
But like most of the tourists, after vacation, we all like to bring with ourselves a little piece of paradise that we visited. That’s why we recommend 6 MEXICAN SOUVENIRS YOU MUST TAKE HOME FROM YOUR CANCUN VACATION!!!

Mexico is a diverse country with a lot to offer.


This unique souvenir comes from the ancient civilization that has roamed the eastern part of Mexico for centuries. Huipiles are delicately embroidered linens worn by Mayans thousands of years ago which continue to be worn today. They are comfortable, made with breathable fabric, and are beautiful and colorful.


The crafting of this liquor—distinctive of the Yucatan region—has been perfected by the Mayans for the last 1,000 years. Xtanbentun is a sweet liquor made from a regional flower with fermented honey, combined with rum and anise seed. It is now commonly used in Yucatecan cuisine.


A popular souvenir option is the Mayan mask. During the prime period of this ancient civilization, the masks had functional and ceremonial purposes. For instance, the Mayan masks served as protection in battle or were used during wedding and birth celebrations.


The Mayans were the first civilization to cultivate cocoa plantations. “Xocoatl” means cocoa in Maya and symbolized life and fertility and was referred to as the god’s food. Both the Mayans and Aztecs drank the thick unsweetened drink as a health elixir. Since sugar was unknown, different spices such as chili peppers and corn meal were used to add flavor.



Taxco silver is renowned in Mexico and can be found in almost every boutique. The name comes from the city Taxco in the state of Guerrero. This charming town is one of the oldest mining sites in the Americas. After the arrival of the Spanish, the city became Spain’s primary source of precious metals in the New World. Even though the art of silver died for some time, the great beauty and craftsmanship coming out of Taxco has earned worldwide recognition once again.


Talavera is a stunning colored ceramic that originates from the state of Puebla. Talavera is a type of majolica earthenware, distinguished by the white base glaze. Authentic talavera only comes from the city of Puebla and three surrounding communities because of the quality of the clay and the production methods. Much of this beautiful pottery is blue, but other colors such as yellow, black, green, orange, and mauve are also used.



Look for souvenirs that are produced in the area that you are visiting. Besides the typical sombrero and tequila, you will be able to find a great assortment of crafts that truly represent the region and represent a unique style of Mexican art and culture.


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Costa Blanca is located in the south east of Spain. It has a coast length of approximately 200 kilometres with a lot of beautiful white beaches. These white beaches are not the reason for the name Costa Blanca, also called the white coast. The name comes from the beautiful blossom of the almond trees, trees with pink/white blossom. Here and there the rocks rise high steep from the Mediterranean sea. you will enjoy a delicious holiday at the Costa Blanca with splendid views concerning the landscape and the white sandy beaches. The landscape of the Costa Blanca is characterised by the sea, but also the mountains are characteristic. Devotees of the mountains and walking excursions can also enjoy a fantastic holiday. Moreover there are many archaeological places. You can enjoy the real live in Spain in the small villages, which are hidden in the mountains. But if you are looking for the sparkling cities then you can visit them. The nightlife in the large cities is especially in the high season. As you can read there is fun for everybody in the great area of the Costa Blanca. Sun, sea, beach, mountains and the nightlife. All these ingredients will make your holiday an unforgettable one! The Costa Blanca offers you a delicious climate with splendid white beaches. This coast is especially popular with tourists because of the fantastic climate, with a lot of hours sun, more than 2800 hours per year. In winter, around the turn of the year the temperature still can rise easily up to above 19 degrees.

Cumbre del Sol is located in the heart of the Costa Blanca in the municipality of Benitachell, between Javea and Moraira, set in the north of the province of Alicante.

This residential site extends along the sea front, over a surface of 3.700.000 m2, and it is divided into different residential areas with villas, detached houses, bungalows and apartments, always surrounded by green spaces, right next to Mediterranean sea.

Although many people dream of owning vacation property, most either can’t afford the type of property they want, or reason that they would not use the vacation home often enough to justify the expense. Now thats possible for everyone. 

Fractional ownership provides a solution to these problems by allowing each co-owner to pay only a fraction of the costs and ongoing expenses of vacation home ownership, and share the risks of unforeseen maintenance problems and value depreciation with others.

Use this way to enjoy your vacation on one of the most beautiful places in Spain!!!




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In general terms, timeshare in Mexico is one of the best buys in vacation ownership and Cancun is no exception. Let’s have a look at why.

A Fantastic Geographical Location

The first thing you will notice when you visit Cancun and decide to make it your vacation home from home is its geographic beauty. Cancun is one of Mexico’s mainland Caribbean destinations boasting all the charm of Mexico will all the stunning beauty of the Caribbean. Cancun’s white sandy beaches with turquoise sea is unmistakable and confirms what many believe to be true about Cancun – that it is indeed paradise!

Great Value for Money
Besides the exchange rate, Mexico is great value for money. While making use of your timeshare in Cancun, you will enjoy how cheap everything is while you are there. Eating out in restaurants every night and going out for a night on the town will not break the bank, even with children in tow. How much you will spend on your vacation is a key consideration when deciding where to purchase a timeshare. The great thing about Mexico is that everything is much more economical than back home.

In addition, you will find that the prices of timeshare and vacation ownership in Mexico are very reasonable and the cost of labour and materials is lower than in the States or Canada. You will therefore benefit from affordable timeshare membership and lower maintenance fees in comparison to other destinations.

Regular Flights
Cancun also benefits from excellent accessibility. The airport in Cancun is one of the busiest in Mexico with many connections to locations all over the world. This makes your timeshare in Cancun highly exchangeable should you wish to use an exchange network to visit other places now and again. The prices of flights to Cancun are also very cheap in comparison to other destinations, even within Mexico, which makes owning a timeshare in Cancun all the more attractive as there is nothing worse than buying a timeshare in a location where the flights are too expensive to take advantage of your purchase every year.

When you purchase a timeshare, most people will be returning every year to Cancun to enjoy their investment. Therefore, the best timeshare destinations will have a variety of activities to enjoy, so that you can try something new every time. Cancun is such a place with enough different pastimes to keep you fully entertained and exhilarated. You can choose between the historical wonders of the Mayan world visiting a different Mayan ruin each time, diving, whale shark tours, a pirate ship show on the Jolly Roger, cave diving, swimming with dolphins, golf, fishing and much more.

Finally, the climate of the destination where the timeshare is located will have a bearing on your decision. Mexico’s beach destinations are very fortunate in that they have warm temperatures throughout the year, not going beneath 75ºF. Most of the year, beach destinations like Cancun will be sunny and warm. This is great for timeshare purchases as you have more opportunity to use your timeshare during times when the weather is sunny – you can visit any season and enjoy great weather.

Mexico Timeshare and fractional ownership

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Timeshare and fractional ownership is a convenient way to buy a second home and become a vacation property owner. By paying for the time you wish to spend in your second home rather than opting for full ownership you can enjoy many benefits, not least avoiding having to leave your place empty while you are not staying there. When you choose fractional ownership or timeshare, your property is looked after and maintained throughout the year and you just have to pay the maintenance fees that correspond with the time you have purchased. That way, the cost of your property’s upkeep is divided between all owners.This way in Cancun, your maintenance fees are administered on your behalf and so all you have to do is arrive!

Another benefit of entering into a fractional ownership contract is that you can often afford a much more luxurious property because you are essentially sharing it with other owners, therefore paying only for the fraction you have bought. In this way, vacation ownership becomes accessible to more people who like the idea of having a holiday home but who do not have the time or funds to invest in full ownership

Make of Mexico the excuse for your next vacation and get your senses ready for an experience full of magic, color and warmth. Come and fall in love with Mexico! Again and again, Cancun timeshares, Mexico will surprise you with new experiences: a different flavor, a new adventure, a spot waiting for centuries to enchant you. We’re waiting for you!

Experience the beauty of Mexico with Cancun timeshares. Explore beautiful beaches, great shops, dining and nightlife. Whether you’re here for an adventurous or a relaxing vacation, we make sure you have a wonderful time.

Beaches that intertwine with the desert or with the lush jungle, beaches with ancient remains or full of contemporary art, beaches that are an eternal party or whose immeasurable silence takes us closer to paradise… More than 450 beaches make up the Mexican coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the deep-blue Caribbean Sea. The variety of climates and points of interest that surround them make each Mexican beach a memorable spot. From the cosmopolitan destination of Los Cabos, the ideal place to fish and scuba dive, to the mystic Mayan Riviera, with unmatched natural surroundings, Mexican beaches stand out due to people’s warmth. Choosing one of them is a difficult task, but you will get to the same result: all of them will take your breath away.

Cancun has something to offer all tourists but, without a doubt, it rewards the adventurous above all! Some of the best things to do in Cancun are a little daring so, strap yourself in and get ready for fun!


Cancun is renowned for it’s party scene and the hotel zone is where all the action is! From the wild college scene at Coco Bongo to organized pub crawls like Cuncrawl and Playacrawl, Cancun offers enough diversity to keep you busy for weeks. And, once you’re done with the thumping bass-lines, there are even some sophisticated Jazz clubs to help you wind down and get back into work mode!

Underwater Activities
Diving and snorkelling are activities in Cancun that you can really immerse yourself in, if you’ll forgive the pun, because the clarity of the water is fantastic. The waters off the coast of Cancun are also home to some of the most stunning coral reef the world has to offer. In fact there’s also an underwater art gallery to explore which has exhibitions off the coasts of Cancun and Isla Mujeres. You can also, between f, swim with the whale sharks come to Mexico to feed and mate at this time!

Exploration and Leisure
If you want some downtime between all that excitement why not enjoy a few rounds at one of Cancun’s many golf clubs? With beach-side clubs, tournament players clubs and even a club close to the El Rey Mayan ruin these locations offer some of the best things to do in Cancun! You can also explore the surrounding world; from the naturally occurring cenotes to the Mayan ruins at El ReyEl Meco and Tulum, in the Sian Ka’an biosphere, the opportunities to see the areas surrounding Cancun are endless. The ruins at Tulum are particularly worth a visit if you have the time!

Riviera Maya

Fly to Cancun and head south to the 112-mile stretch of coastal paradise known as Riviera Maya. Stretching from Puerto Morelos to the north (15 minutes from the Cancun Airport and often considered Riviera Cancun) to Tulum to the south, Riviera Maya has it all!. White sand beaches front turquoise waters, tropical jungles and ancient Mayan ruins. Visit Playa Del Carmen and its trendy Fifth Avenue, known for great shops, dining, golf and nightlife. Further up the coast are the popoular resort areas of Puerto Aventuras and Akumal Experience underwater life on the Great Maya Reef, the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere. Discover ancient Mayan cities including Tulum, the only archaeological site located by the sea and Chichen Itsa, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Visit to Xel-Há, the world’s largest natural aquarium, and Xcaret, where you’ll see fascinating indigenous wildlife and can snorkel in underground rivers.

Swimming by the only archaeological site located by the sea… Tulum.
Spend a day of amazement interacting with Mexican culture in one of the most spectacular theme parks in the world- Xcaret.
Snorkel in the larget natural aquarium in the world- Xel-Ha.
Get the perfect suntan in Akumal silky beaches.
Explore the mystery of the Mayan caves in Aktun Chen
Stroll along “La Quinta Avenido” of Playa del Carmen and enjoy the wide variety of bars, restaurants and shops.
Return in time and discover a Mayan village.
Discover the underwater world at the largest coral reef on the northern hemisphere… Snorkeling and Diving.
Get in touch with one of the greatest biodiversities in the world on the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an.
Relax and experience a Mayan treatment in one of the multiple Spas in Rivera Maya

So as you can see some of the best things to do in Cancun are a little daring! So, go ahead and take the plunge; you’ll remember Cancun for the rest of your life, that’s a promise!

Wine & Food Festival Cancun

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,,We invite people to explore the many layers of Mexican cuisine found in Cancun, and celebrate the female Mexican chefs who are being honored at the CRM Festival for the first time.”


Wine & Food Festival Cancun-Riviera Maya Savor the flavors of the world in a beautiful setting backed by the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy the pleasant tropical climate and take advantage of the opportunity to interact with prominent chefs at the festival. Do not miss it!

The event will honor Mexico’s leading female chefs and will be composed of 24 events featuring several stars of the culinary world who will showcase local Mexican, Spanish and other world gastronomy.

As the most important culinary festival in Cancun and one of the largest in the Caribbean, it features outstanding demonstrations of all the latest culinary trends and offers an unrivaled location to sample incredible dishes and socialize.

The program of usualy includes gala dinners, live music, international wine tastings, cooking classes and lectures by renowned chefs.

Wine & Food Festival in Cancun is one of the main events, which is ideal for enjoying signature dishes while listening to the gently lapping waves and live music…

One of the special evenings is devoted to the French wine tastings on the fine white sands of the beach.

And if you want to learn from the best, don’t miss the cooking classes .In any case, keep in mind that space is limited at all the Wine & Food Festival Cancun-Riviera Maya events and all guests must be 18 years of age or older.


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Ready to run with the bulls? Or at least take in the bullfights, flamenco music, and the amazing art and architecture of Spain? There is no better way to explore one of the world’s most timelessly beautiful countries than by vacationing in Spain timeshares.

When you take advantage of Spain timeshares as affordably priced timeshare resales and rentals, you make it possible for you and your family to enjoy European vacations at prices that hotels in Spain simply cannot match.


What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare is when a group of people buy into a resort for a specific time period, usually in weekly intervals. The most common types of Timeshare are condominium or hotel-style developments.

Timeshare Intervals?

Most Timeshares are also sold in Annual or Biennial usage. What does this mean to you? Annual means you will get to use the resort each year on the week you purchased. Biennial means you get the resort every other year. You will also hear the terms odd or even years.

Recurring Costs

After the initial purchase price, timeshare owners are required pay an annual maintenance fee.



Retail or Resale Market?

Most first time buyers to the Timeshare market purchase their ownership directly from the resort on the retail market, and will typically pay a higher price. These resorts often use high-pressure and deceptive sales tactics when selling timeshares, and will make many promises to the buyer about what they can expect from the ownership of their timeshare.

Types of Timeshare Properties

Timeshares are usually sold in weeks either yearly or every other year. There are many different programs that dictate how you can use your timeshare. We are going to discuss these topics. Fixed weeks, floating weeks, rotating weeks, deeded and right to use, we’ll help you make the informed decisions.

Vacation Clubs

A Vacation Club is a membership within a timeshare or a resort developer. Membership in a vacation club allows the owner the right to stay at a resort in the developer’s inventory.

Points Programs

Instead of selling timeshare interests by the week, many developers will opt for points that can be exchanged for time at a resort. One of the main benefits of a points-based system is that an owner can vacation more than once a year, while paying a single maintenance fee

Exchanging and what it is

One feature associated with timesharing is the ability to exchange your vacation property with someone else’s. This allows you to obtain vacation accommodations in locations throughout the world. There are typically 3 ways you can exchange your timeshare.

Resort Seasons

When buying a timeshare it is important to consider which season you are buying. Most timeshare resorts have times of the year, which are higher in demand than others.

Fractional Ownership: Own a Property In Costa Rica for the Rich and Famous at a Fraction of the Cost

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Visiting Costa Rica  can be considered as one of the best ways to spend vacation. In fact, Costa Rica is one of the most visited places in the whole world. Millions flock this tropical Republic every year and the number continues to grow.


As a country with dual coastlines, a tropical climate and a firm commitment to the continued preservation of its natural wonders, Costa Rica beaches are among the finest and most popular stretches of sand in the world. Whether travelers are hoping to hit the waves on a surfing excursion, trek across rocky coasts or simply lay out in the sun, the Central American paradise’s 1,800 km (1,100 miles) of coastline has something for everyone.


Advantages of Fractional Ownership in Costa Rica

The prime advantage of fractional ownership is cost – you get an interest in an asset for a fraction of the price you would have to pay to buy the same asset outright. There are more benefits, such as easily transferring your ownership interest and no maintenance or management worries. And, of course, why pay for 100% of the time when you will only use a fraction.


Fractional properties ideal for families

Fractional real estate ownership is ideal for families, snowbirds, retirees, busy professionals and anyone who wants the benefits of owning a vacation property, complete with management services, located in an exclusive tropical community by the ocean, without the higher costs and responsibilities that come with a wholly owned second home.

More than one share

Yes, you may purchase as many shares as you like in order to to allow you and your family more frequent use of the property.

Costa Rica may be more restorative than you could have imagined. Try your adventurous side!

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Arenal Volcano_0086  Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica


There are many beaches that give you the opportunity to stretch out and be all lazy on them. Few, however, offer what Costa Rica does. Here’s a place where you can explore your adventurous limits in between stints of beach time lounging.

At the bottom of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is one of the most famous places in the celebration of la pure life: the small town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. This intimate community of largely North American expats is exactly what you’d want out of a place where the rainforest meets the Caribbean (with some sweet restaurants too). The main beach is white and powdery, while just north are smaller stretches of volcanic black sand – beautiful to see and at times challenging to walk along on a sunny day.


Not far from Puerto Viejo is the 25,000-acre Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge where, if you crane your neck, you will enjoy plenty of capuchin monkeys. Below your feet, you’ll see strangely beautiful trails of ants transport leaves along the ground, while giant blue butterflies bigger than your face flutter by. Your camera will be well used here.


Any visit to Costa Rica needs to include a stop at the area around Arenal Volcano, considered one of the most impressive active volcanoes in the world. The town of La Fortuna near the volcano is sweet, but the real appeal here is the opportunity to hike and bike your way through the impossibly green landscapes. The federal government passed a law in 1952 that declared all areas within two kilometres of volcanoes to be national parks and the country does a beautiful job of protecting this land. There’s also some serious canyoneering to be done, as well as rappelling and down-climbing, before you slip into the area’s hot springs to chill out and relax those muscles.


Monteverde, near the Pacific coast, is another incredible area of the country and home to the celebrated Santa Elena Cloud Reserve.


This is jungle life for visitors at its most iconic and it’s adventure that’s just tame enough for anyone to try. You wanna fly? Here’s your chance.


And of course, as if the rest of the country isn’t notable enough, Costa Rica is home to Manuel Antonio National Park, a stunning mecca of pristine nature. Its secluded beaches alone are nothing short of incredible (and you’ll need some downtime on them after everything you’ve done in this country). If you’re not tired, you can still push it to the limit by hiking, surfing, kayaking, and giving yourself high fives for everything you’ve undertaken this trip.


The Colors and Flavors of Yucatecan Cuisine – Visit Yucatan Mexico

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The Yucatan’s culinary delights are based on an exquisite blending of ingredients brought by the Spaniards during the Colony, with subsequent Caribbean and Middle Eastern additions.

For many years, the Yucatan Peninsula was considered a hard-to-reach place because there were very few roads there and it was practically isolated from the rest of the country. Thanks to its ports, this region developed cultural and commercial trading with Cuba, New Orleans and several European countries. This trading influenced the Yucatan in such a way that it turned its cuisine into one of the most renowned in Mexico and the entire world.

Yucatan cuisine preserves its international fame thanks to the unique spices used in the elaboration of each dish, such as pumpkin seed powder, oregano, red onion, sour orange, sweet pepper, lime, a marinating paste known as “achiote” or “recado colorado”, capsicum pepper (Xcat Ik), Habanero pepper, and coriander.

This region of Mexico was once known as “the Land of the Pheasant and the Deer”, since the meat of both animals were used to a great extent in its cuisine. Nowadays, pheasant and venison have been substituted for turkey and pork respectively, giving birth to delicious dishes such as the very famous “cochinita pibil”, which is pork wrapped in banana leaves, pit-baked in achiote sauce, sour orange, and spices, served with plenty of hot corn tortillas to make tacos.


If you visit the Yucatan, these are some other famous dishes you should try:


Panuchos: layered hand-made corn tortillas stuffed with beans, topped with shredded turkey or chicken, lettuce, red onion rings, and “xnipec” salsa (made of Habanero peppers, tomatoes, sour orange juice and salt).


Papadzules: chopped hard-boiled eggs wrapped in corn tortillas soaked in a pumpkin seed salsa, topped with tomato sauce and chopped Habanero pepper.


Lime Soup: a chicken or turkey vegetable soup flavored with lime and made nicely hot with a touch of Habanero pepper.


Chilmole: turkey in a dark spicy sauce.


Queso relleno: a mild yellow cheese stuffed with minced meat, served in round slices covered in cream sauce.


Poc-chuc: charbroiled slices of pork with onions, marinated in a tasty sour orange sauce.


Pescado Tikinxic: fish marinated in achiote sauce, wrapped in banana leaves and charbroiled, served with a delicious sauce made of tomato and Habanero pepper.



Habaneros and “recados” are the basic ingredients in Yucatecan cuisine. “Recados” are marinated pastes made of cloves, black pepper, oregano, cumin, garlic, coriander and vinegar. The most common “recado” is the red, which gets its color from adding “achiote” (annatto seeds) to the mixture, and it is the main ingredient of all the Pibil style dishes (Cochinita pibil, Pollo pibil and Pescado Tikinxic).

There are less known dishes such as frijol con puerco (pork and beans), potaje de lentejas (lentil vegetable stew) and tamales colados (chicken wrapped in a heavy dough and baked in banana leaves) that are also worth trying.

What about a cold drink to quench your thirst? The Yucatan’s most famous beverages are made of ground rice, chaya (a regional plant), or pitahaya. The Xtabentun, on the other hand, is the perfect appetizer. This is an alcoholic drink made with honey from a regional flower of the same name, rum and anise seed.


To wrap everything up, do not forget to try a regional dessert because it will be the perfect way to conclude this delightful experience.